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Visual inspection-solve the problem of quality control

2021-03-24  Visits:1

       Quality control has always been the biggest problem faced by manufacturers. Traditional manual inspection is not only expensive, inspectors are prone to fatigue, and easy to miss defects, but it is also difficult to adapt to high-speed production systems. You must know that intelligent visual inspection is Industrial applications provide new solutions for surface flaw detection.

       Yuzhen's machine vision defect detection system condenses a number of advanced technology applications in the field of machine vision, and quickly incorporates innovative detection concepts. According to the use of automatic loading and unloading and automatic rejection mechanisms, it can realize sub-station or single-station detection.

       Delivery area: South China, North China

       Delivery time: March 23, 2021

       Delivery equipment: 2 sets of plastic bottle inspection machines, 2 sets of inductive appearance inspection machines, 1 set of spray pump inspection machines


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