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Happy New Year's Day~

2020-12-31  Visits:1

       2020 is about to wave goodbye to us. In this unforgettable year that started with the outbreak of the virus, dedicated to the fight against the epidemic, and finally grateful, Yuzhen technology is not afraid of hardships and has the courage to take on responsibilities.

      2021 is the first year for the implementation of the "fourteenth five year" plan. Everything looks new. Let's get ready to go with the idea that "although it's hard to do everything, it's hard to blow all the sand before we get to gold." We are determined to join hands in sailing, open a broader journey and write a more brilliant chapter.

      At the beginning of the new year, we wish you a happy New Year's day and a new high!

      Shipping area: South China

      Delivery time: December 31, 2020

      Delivery equipment: 1 bottle embryo detector, 1 embryo processor


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