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Vision systems, selection is very important

2020-09-17  Visits:122

     1.It has a perfect product ecological chain in the industry

     For manufacturing enterprises and industry system integrators, it provides overall scheme design of machine vision system, intelligent vision software system equipment, etc., and provides overall machine vision solutions for enterprises, including design, implementation, operation and maintenance, training and other businesses.

     2. Fast lead time 

     Independent R & D and production, stable supply, systematic management mode, strict control of process quality, equipment quality, operation standard quality, personnel quality, material quality, to ensure the rapid and timely delivery of high-quality products.      

     3. Full support from professional technical team

     Yuzhen technology makes in-depth research on machine vision technology and training. Senior engineers share technical dry goods through monthly exchange seminars, exchange project cases with customers, analyze and explain typical machine vision problems and solutions, and conduct systematic training, learning and assessment for customers every month.

     4. The products are highly open

     The product can be redeveloped to expand other functions to meet the accuracy requirements of your different products for visual machine equipment.      

     Delivery area: Central China

     Delivery time: September 16, 2020

     Delivery equipment: 1 bottle sorting machine and 2 daily chemical bottle inspection machines


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