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Has the surface defect of your PET bottle passed the inspection?

2021-03-31  Visits:1

        In the process of PET changing from material to bottle, there is a very critical process, namely bottle blowing. It is the bottle blowing machine that makes it gorgeously transformed from individual preforms into packaging bottles of various shapes. The bottle blowing machine drives the preform through high-speed rotation to achieve forming. A conventional 500m beverage bottle can be blown at a high speed of 80,000 bottles/hour, with an average of 23 bottles/sec. In the molding process, the quality of the bottle mouth is particularly critical. If there are defects such as damage, cuts or even deformation, the subsequent filling and capping will lead to poor sealing of the bottle, which will not only cause a lot of waste, but even cause the internal liquid to deteriorate. Therefore, it is particularly important to detect the defects of the bottle mouth.

       Yuzhen Technology's inspection system adopts deep learning algorithms, machine learning technology and software systems, with cameras and other hardware facilities, to specifically solve the defects in the PET bottle filling production process, such as: whether the bottle cap is capped, whether the cap is loose, the bottle body Whether there are labels, whether the coding is complete, etc., and allow customers to adjust the size of the defect and the speed of the production line in real time to meet the testing needs of different products.

       Delivery area: South China

       Delivery time: March 30, 2021

       Delivery equipment: 1 VE transparent bottle inspection machine, 1 preform processing machine, 1 preform inspection machine


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