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How to make bottle caps free of blemishes and defects?

2021-03-17  Visits:1

       Common bottle caps are usually printed with a QR code, manufacturing date/shelf-life date, and some bottle caps will continue to be printed with barcodes, etc. This type of printing has an obvious feature, that is, the production volume is issued. The requirements for printed information content are particularly high. Usually, the bottle caps of food packaging are printed with the date of manufacture of the day, usually with a printer to print, and another is to print with a laser printer. Inkjet printers are more flexible in use, but they are very prone to printing abnormalities, such as crooked, blurred, and incomplete printing; laser printing is relatively not widely used, but it is very easy to print overlaps For these defects, if manual inspection is used for these problems, there will be a large amount of work, and the inspection speed cannot be increased.

       The graphic printing inspection machine developed by Yuzhen Technology can propose a fully automatic online inspection solution for the above problems, and sort the problems of blurred fonts, deformation of inkjet codes, incorrect characters, and inability to connect dotted characters during the printing process. And weed out.

       Delivery area: West China

       Delivery time: 2021/3/17

       Delivery equipment: 1 bottle cap inspection machine, 3 graphic label inspection machines, 1 vibrating plate


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