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Drug packaging material testing instrument for drug safety

2020-09-25  Visits:58

       Since the packaging process of drugs is not only a part of the drug production process, but also the last key to ensure the quality of drugs, according to the strict GMP production quality management requirements and ISPE gamp specification for computerized drug production control equipment, the drug packaging equipment and control system have strict GMP verification and computer system test in hardware and software Certificate (CSV) requirements.

       Drugs are very sensitive to light and other factors, long-term exposure to these factors will lead to the change of drug dosage form, drug failure, drug property change, and even the formation of harmful substances, which will affect the efficacy and even affect human health. Packaging is one of the decisive factors of drug efficacy stability during the shelf life, and plays an important role in the protection of drug efficacy.


       The packaging of drug packaging materials should have a certain mechanical strength to prevent the packaging rupture after collision and extrusion in the process of storage and transportation, so that the drug is exposed to the air, resulting in deterioration or pollution of the drug; the drug packaging should have a certain degree of safety, so as to prevent the substances in the packaging materials from migrating to the drug and affecting the efficacy or harmful substances with the drug entering the human body and affecting the health The package of light sensitive drugs should be protected from light to avoid the change of drug properties.

       Obviously, pharmaceutical packaging testing has become an inevitable trend in the development of the industry, pharmaceutical packaging testing is actually to provide a complete set of packaging solutions for drug packaging, with the development of this trend, more and more detection and control systems will be put into it, play a powerful function, and provide a safety barrier for the product quality of pharmaceutical enterprises.

       China's food and drug safety has always been the top priority of people's livelihood. Ensuring food and drug safety is of great significance for the stable development of the country. With the promulgation of a series of plans in the 13th five year plan, not only the three aspects of the control of gas, water and soil, but also the scientific and technological innovation plan are mentioned, which is an important turning point for China's scientific research instruments. In this key node, it is important to do a good job in food and drug safety and ensure the inspection and detection ability of enterprises.

       Food and drug safety is a long-term and arduous social project. In the past two years, with the continuous development of science and technology and the application of new technologies, the use value of products has been truly brought into play, and a solid defense line has been built for food and drug safety. It is hoped that in the field of food and drug safety in the future, strict and standardized supervision efforts such as national sampling inspection, Provincial sampling inspection and regional sampling inspection can enhance the consciousness of law-abiding market participants in the industry, purify China's food safety market, make testing become the testing technology standard pillar of the unified market, and ensure the rights and interests of consumers thoroughly.

       Yuzhen technology has been committed to the technical research and development and service of medical packaging quality testing instruments. It has a complete set of professional testing equipment tailored for pharmaceutical packaging, covering a wide range of testing projects, and can provide reasonable and accurate packaging quality solutions for enterprises.

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