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Domestic advanced machine vision system solution provider

2020-09-14  Visits:120

       The director of Yuzhen Technology Co., Ltd. said that he would attach great importance to technology research and development for a long time, and would continue to invest resources in visual components, software and other products in 2020. Since the establishment of the machine vision division in 2003, Yuzhen technology has been developing rapidly in the machine vision industry, and has successfully built Yuzhen technology, the leading brand of machine vision. The company has made continuous breakthroughs in the technical fields of industrial cameras, lenses, telecentric products, intelligent vision software systems, linear array camera software, etc., relying on mature R & D management, production supply chain and after-sales service At present, it has provided professional machine vision solutions and services for more than ten thousand enterprises at home and abroad.

       Different regions in China have different demands for machine vision. In order to realize the local marketing service system for customers, Yuzhen technology has debugging engineers stationed all over the country for a long time to create a fast response customer service system and establish a customer-centered service concept.


       As the pioneer of intelligent visual inspection in plastic packaging industry, Yuzhen technology has been committed to becoming a reliable partner of global users, providing comprehensive detection solutions for the later stage of plastic packaging production. At present, the products have been widely used in pharmaceutical packaging industry, dairy product packaging industry, daily chemical packaging industry, food packaging industry, and sold to more than 10 countries, we hope Through innovation, we can help customers optimize production process, save labor cost, improve product quality, and realize intelligent management of product quality inspection for customers.

       With the continuous efforts of Yuzhen team, the company has 1 invention patent authorized, 9 in transit, 32 utility model patents, 8 software copyrights, and 2 appearance patents. The company implements ISO9001 quality certification system, and some of the main models have passed European CE certification and U.S. UL certification.

       Yuzhen technology will adhere to the core development concept of "honesty and trustworthiness, team cooperation, customer first, continuous innovation", with "leading provider of artificial intelligence and machine vision solutions" as its core positioning. We should attach importance to technical details and management norms, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, provide high-quality customer service and technical support, open and integrate, join hands with upstream and downstream partners to jointly realize the intelligent industrial cooperation ecology, help the development of the industry, and strive to become a high-tech enterprise in the new era of energy conservation, environmental protection, civilization and harmony.

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