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Visual inspection brings you considerable benefits

2020-09-04  Visits:107

Advantages of visual inspection:            

    1.The non-contact measurement will not cause any damage to the observer and the observer, so as to improve the reliability of the system.

    2. It has a wide spectral response range, such as infrared measurement which can't be seen by human eyes, which expands the visual range of human eyes.            

    3. It is difficult for human to observe the same object for a long time due to its stable working time. However, machine vision can do measurement, analysis and recognition tasks for a long time.           

    4. The use of machine vision solutions can save a lot of labor resources and bring considerable benefits to the company.            

    Shipping area: East China            

    Delivery time: September 4, 2020            

    Delivery equipment: 8 sets of medicine bottle detector


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