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Advantages of visual appearance inspection system

2020-07-28  Visits:20

      The continuous progress of modern industrial technology and mechanical technology greatly improves the production efficiency of products, but also reduces the labor intensity of workers. Visual inspection system is an indispensable and important part in modern industrial production. Visual appearance inspection machine is needed in many product production. Yuzhen technology machine vision appearance inspection machine is the mainstream intelligent product in industrial production. Based on the theory of computer vision and pattern recognition, the product type recognition system obtains the product image, analyzes and extracts the characteristic parameters reflecting the shape and structure of the product variety, and then uses the feature parameters to match the corresponding products, so as to realize the product type visual recognition No.            

       Therefore, many factors need to be considered when choosing the visual appearance inspection system, such as multi language operation, report statistics and printing, detection parameter setting, production management statistics, production line speed adaptive, input and output alarm, remote database, remote terminal operation and so on.


        Advantages of visual appearance inspection system:            

1.Each product has been tested for many times, the detection rate is high, and the false detection rate is close to zero;           

2. Can improve the product degradation rate, customer degradation claim rate, high economic benefits. ;           

3. All defects are recorded effectively and relevant pictures are saved automatically;            

4. The statistical report of defect points is formed automatically;            

5. When the defect points are detected, corresponding actions (recording, alarming, eliminating, stopping, etc.) can be carried out according to the requirements;            

6. The specific longitude and latitude position and picture of the defect point are displayed to form the defect point map;            

7. Historical record tracing, all kinds of information of each variety can be saved and traced;            

8. The machine vision system is non-contact detection, and the visual inspection can avoid measuring tool wear, object structure damage, personnel training, checking strength and working injury.

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