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Film labeling detector

2020-07-22  Visits:45

     In mold labeling is a kind of in mold decoration technology. It is a forming method that the printed pattern is put into the metal mold, the melted resin is injected into the mold cavity and combined with the label, so that the printed label and resin form an integral whole. Advantages of in mold labeling:            

     1.The label is closely combined with the product, which is not easy to fall off, damage and mildew, and has a long service life;           

     2. The appearance of the product is beautiful, the color is bright, the color pattern can be varied, and the surface decoration effect is good;       

     3. Reduce production links, improve product quality and reduce production time and cost;      

     4. Avoid environmental pollution caused by solvents and glue, and avoid side effects;           

     5. Improve the shelf life of the container;            

     6. Special functions such as anti-counterfeiting can be added.


      With the above advantages, in mold labeling has been widely used in injection molding machine, extrusion blow molding machine, PET bottle blowing machine and other fields, and used for surface decoration of daily chemical, food, pharmaceutical packaging and other products. Small labels also play an important role in product quality. Yuzhen technology is committed to visual inspection of appearance:            

    1.For the appearance defects such as skew mark, no mark, mark spacing and so on, it can achieve high speed and high precision, instead of manual work to complete the back section of IML system.       

     2. The in film labeling detector is connected with the in mold labeling system.       

     3. The machine is composed of detection unit, defective product removal unit, material separation unit and stacking unit, which can be configured and selected according to the actual needs of customers.       

     4. The number of cameras can be matched with 1-14 cameras, the accuracy is 0.1mm-0.3mm, and the speed is 600-1000pcs / min.       

     5. The machine can be used for labeling products such as boxes, cups, bowls, barrels, etc.

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