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Medicine bottle testing machine Yuzhen Technology

2020-07-15  Visits:56

Medicine bottle detector            

1. The testing machine can be connected to a single or multiple bottle blowing machines according to the actual demand, or it can be used independently.            

2. The system detects the black spots, such as dirt, lack of material, flash, deformation and uneven thickness, and automatically eliminates them online.            

3. The bottle mouth, bottle body and bottle bottom are detected in an all-round way with high precision and no blind area.           

4. One machine can be compatible to detect multiple varieties of products, covering a small area and saving space.            

5. Configuration selection: 7-12 cameras, accuracy 0.1 mm-0.3 mm, speed 60-300 per minute.            

6. Applicable products: medical solid bottle, medical liquid bottle, health care product bottle, etc.            

Shipping area: North China            

Delivery time: July 15, 2020            

Delivery equipment: medicine bottle detector


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