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Workflow of plastic bottle production line

2020-06-17  Visits:322

       The appearance of plastic bottle production line has brought convenience to the packaging of liquid goods and won the trust of enterprises. With the increasing demand of people, similar production lines in the market are more and more popular. The production line adopts high precision ceramic pump to carry out measuring and filling, with high filling precision, and has many functions such as automatic filling, manipulator type inner plug, upper cover and rotating cover.            

       The production line is equipped with a special manipulator vacuum suction type to ensure that the inner plug and the outer cover can enter the bottle mouth reliably. The imported plastic bearing is used on the whole machine table without oil filling, so as to avoid the contamination of the liquid medicine and realize complete automation. It can be equipped with isolation hundred level laminar flow hood.            

       Plastic bottle production line refers to the assembly line composed of liquid filling production process, which consists of a series of mechanical equipment and completes a series of steps and processes. The production line equipment is composed of conveyor, bottle washing machine, dryer, liquid filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine, inkjet printer, etc., but not all the production lines use these equipment, but according to different product needs to increase or reduce the mechanical equipment on the production line, while the conveyor is the link through the whole production line.            

       The production line is suitable for filling 2-30ml round bottle or special-shaped bottle. It can meet the production needs of eye drops, nose drops, ear drops and other dosage forms. It can also be used in scientific experiments, component detection and other fields of liquid sub packaging. High precision cam structure is adopted to complete the filling, inner plug, outer cover and rotating cover procedures. Touch screen operation, program setting production speed, imported peristaltic pump filling, high filling accuracy, easy to adjust the filling volume, can achieve no bottle filling, automatic removal function, good safety protection performance. Scientific design, compact structure and convenient operation.            

       Working process of plastic bottle production line: bottle washing → bottle drying → filling → capping → labeling → code spraying            

       First, put the empty bottle on the conveyor belt, and then transfer it to the bottle washing machine for bottle washing. The bottle washing machine is mainly determined by the number of filling heads of the filling machine. For example, if the number of filling heads of the filling machine is 8, then the bottle washing position of the bottle washing machine is 8. After bottle washing, the bottle is transferred to the dryer by the conveyor to sterilize and dry the bottle, and then the bottle is transferred to the filling machine. After the bottle is positioned, the bottle is filled, and then transferred to the capping and capping machine to seal the filled bottle. The next step is to label and spray code. This is the whole workflow of plastic bottle production line.

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