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Image Software Engineer

Job description:
1. proficient in C++/VB/VC/C-SHOP software programming
2. design proposal based on customer demand analysis.
3. having rich experience in developing visual inspection system, familiar with the characteristics of commonly used components in electrical control.
4. skilled in using conventional motion control boards and servo motors and actuators.
5. familiar with machine vision, experience in selection and application of camera, lens, light source.
6. Have some experience in data acquisition and data communication, and skillfully use relevant data acquisition board and IO control card.
7. Familiar with the communication control of RS232, RS485, GPIB, USB and other related instruments, and familiar with some CAN, LIN bus protocols are better.
More than 8.2 years relevant development experience.
9. innovative spirit and excellent teamwork ability

Electrical Engineer

1. automation equipment electrical design and program development, participate in product debugging and problem solving;
2. familiar with MITSUBISHI, Delta, Kean, Panasonic and other commonly used PLC program development;
3. experience in designing non-standard equipment, skilled in using CAD drawing software, and skilled in drawing circuit diagrams.
4. understand the performance and use of common brand servo, stepper and conventional motor.
5. familiar with electrical wiring, electrical control cabinet design, familiar with sensors and various electrical components.
6. strong sense of responsibility and good team spirit.

Mechanical Design Engineer

1. college degree or above in mechanical automation, electrical and mechanical engineering.
2. feasibility analysis and scheme design for non standard automation projects in the early stage
3. Mechanical structure, design of mechanical parts, selection of standard parts of non-standard automation equipment, guidance for later commissioning
4. responsible for communicating with suppliers, product processing and parts selection.
5. responsible for project plan design, independently complete production design plan and drawings according to customer requirements.
6. participate in technical problem discussion and solve all kinds of problems generated by clients.
7. can skillfully use CAD software, 3D and other drawing software and office software.
8. refine equipment parts drawings according to plan, non-standard selection, list.
9., be able to solve all kinds of unusual problems that arise in the process of project design and feedback on site.
10. strong teamwork spirit and strong self-restraint ability.